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 How do you turn the Pak-Lite on?
The control toggle (slider for Basic model) switch moves from side-to-side.

 Will any 9-Volt Battery work?
Yes! Pak-Lite is compatible with any 9V size Battery.

 How do you change the Battery?
The Pak-Lite simply snaps on & off of the 9-Volt Battery's terminals.

 How often will I have to change the Battery?
Burn times will vary depending on the Battery chemistry you are using. Click "Products" on the page banner. Then click "Batteries" to view the Battery's page and the operational time for each Battery.

 Can I use my old Smoke Alarm Batteries?
Yes! In fact, a hospital in South America, where the power is on for only 2 hrs. per day, uses Pak-Lites with old smoke alarm batteries. The used batteries provide enough power to run a Pak-Lite 6 hrs. per night for 3 weeks.

 What if my Pak-Lite gets wet?
In some cases, the Pak-Lite's LEDs will glow dimly in the off position for a few hours. This does not indicate a malfunction with your Pak-Lite, nor does it drain your Battery significantly. However, you can unsnap it from the Battery and let it air dry, or use a hair dryer to remove the moisture quicker.

 Where do I get replacement Bulbs?
You will not need to ever replace the LED Bulbs. They are usually unbreakable and last 100,000 hrs. (over 11 years continuously). The LEDs are covered under Pak-Lite's Warranty (see warranty page for full details, from main menu go to Contact Us > Warranty).


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