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PakLite Gear is located in Oregon which has no sales tax. As a result, there is no tax added for any order.

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Velcro Strip
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  •  Need both hands free?
  • Attach your Pak-Lite to almost anything with this hook and loop self-adhesive accessory. 


 How to attach:
  1. Separate the loop side (fuzzy side)  from the hook side
  2. Remove the backing on the loop strip to reveal the adhesive
  3. Align loop strip onto the Pak-Lite's 9v battery (opposite side of the switch) and press firmly to secure the bond
  4. Clean surface (rubbing alcohol works good) to which the hook strip will be attached
  5. Remove the backing on the hook strip to reveal its adhesive
  6. Place hook strip on object (e.g. wall, hat, helmet, etc..) and press firmly to secure the bond

 Where to use:

  1. Hats, helmets, etc...
  2. Dash on Car, Truck, RV Boat, ATC, Motorcycle, etc...
 Color  Black
 Brand  Velcro


 Width =.75"        (19mm)
 Length = 1.63"    (41.4mm)
 Thickness =.11" (2.8mm)

 Weight  0.042 oz.
 (size is approximate and can vary) 
 (flashlight sold separately)

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Pak-Lite's most popular accessories:

Pak-Lite Lanyard

The Pak-Lite Lanyard allows for easy hanging of a Pak-Lite on a hook, backpack, etc.

Sturdy 2"x 3" Pak-Lite case slides onto belt,  holds your Pak-Lite securely with Velcro.

  • Hands free operation
  • Holds up to 3 Pak-Lites
  • NEW! Extra light holder in front for reading

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