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Our most popular Pak-Lites used by the U.S. Military. Contact us for more information or if you need custom flashlights for your project. 
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Military Testimonials 
James - Hawaii - Dec. 2006 
"Heard about Pak-Lites through USAF SERE instructor.  Giving as gifts to my troops going down range.  Your product rocks!"
Mike in Iraq 

"I'm over here in Iraq and I just wanted to say your Pak-Lite kicks butt!  I use it every night, so thanks!"

Jim - U.S. Military 

"Your lights are great!  We have one in the shop that has been running nonstop for over a month now!"


"I have had the black cap, white Pak-Lite for a year now and have yet to change the battery.  It is the most efficient flashlight I have found out there.  I look forward to many more years of use out of this and other Pak-Lites.  Thank you for this great product..."

Peter Kummerfeldt - U.S. Air Force Survival Instructor 

"I was speaking at the Pacific Northwest Sportsmen's Show when I was introduced to Pak-Lite flashlights.  What a jewel!  I gave one to each of the four instructors that work for me and the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive.  We now each carry one in our personal survival kits"

Steve - U.S.Army Black Hawk Pilot 

"I carry the Red Pak-Lite with me everywhere now and it has proven to be very useful tool in my current situation.  I have demonstrated the non-destructive attributes of the light by throwing it against the wall or cement when someone is examining it and treating it with kit-gloves.  The small protruding lenses are rather deceiving."

John Studebaker/USA Security contractor in Iraq ---- April 25, 2005 

"I served as a US security contractor in Iraq this past year. The Pak-Lite enabled me to navigate at night safely.   I am thankful for the Pak-Lite that I carried, for it saved my life. I carried 2 other flashlights that failed.   The Pak-Lite continued to work the entire time without ever having to change the battery.  I finally quit carrying an extra battery for the Pak-Lite after 2 months, when I realized it didn't need extra batteries. 

I'm currently sending Pak-Lite's to other teammates in Iraq and wouldn't even consider working there without a Pak-Lite.  I am planning to return to Iraq soon, and will definitely be taking Pak-Lites to the team members that I will be working with."


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