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The Pak-Lite Guest Book

To sign our guest book, please use the blue "Support" button on the bottom right of this page. 

Name:  Earl J. Dale
Date: April 2015
Message:  Great products

Name:  Waykno
Date: April 2015
Message:  I'm still using Pak-Lite's from years ago and they are still going strong. Compact, light, dependable, inexpensive--what's not to like?

Name:  Matthew Russell
Date: Feb. 2015
Message:  Hey Ben! I was thinking of you today so I thought I would say hi!! I hope all is well~! Matthew Russell

PS: The lights I got from you years ago are still going strong! I think of you guys every time I use it! Much Love!!

Name:  Alaric from Fayetteville, Ar.
Date: Nov. 2014
Message:  I bought a Pak-Lite several years ago. Liked it so well I bought about 8 or 10 more. They wound up as Christmas stocking stuffers. All my family and a couple of friends received one. My wife uses hers while we are out camping and loves it. I can't thank you enough for the service these little lights provide.

Name:  Neal M.
Date: Oct. 2014
Message:  Thanks for your great lights!

Name:  Wayne from Oklahoma
Date: Sep. 2014
Message:  Pretty nifty. Pretty nifty. I have about 5 of these and have given them as gifts too.

Name:  Jay R.
Date: Aug. 2014
Message:  I have 5 pak lite supers. I think this is a great product. working for a utility company, I go into many dark basements. what a life saver after I dropped my regular flashlight and died. I would probably still be in there... thankyou for pak lite !!!!

Name: Tome S.
Date: Aug. 2014
Message:  As an additional bonus, keep a small bag with steel wool and tinder attached. If I have to tell you why you don't camp!

Name:  Jonathan
Date: Feb. 2014
Message:  I heard about Pak-Lite from my uncle, an ultra-light backpacking enthusiast.  I’m getting these for my groomsmen as gifts.  Passing on the Awesome!

Name:  Dennis
Date: 12/14/09
Message:  Received one from son-in-law last Christmas. Love my Pak-Lite!!! Now buying one for our son, for Christmas.

Name:  Michael (Search & Rescue)
Date: 12/14/09
Message: I already own one of these and it has become an indispensable part of my deployment bag. Am ordering these for my team memebers. Thanks for a great product.

Name: Judy
Date: 12/11/09
Message: I was given one as a gift several years ago. Now my friends want one too. They're indispensible!

Name:  GCN Staff
Date:  12/22/08
Message:  Thanks for sending us those Pak-Lites. They are very handy when we are working in the studio on our radio equipment. Last weekend, one was accidentally left on in a desk drawer, and sure enough, on Monday morning, it was just as bright as it was on Friday.

Name:  Melanie
Date: 11/17/08
Message:  Hey they look great!

Name:  Gene
Date: 10/10/08
Message:  Just used the Pak-lite with the 12hr glow on cruise.  Would not be with out it.  Great item for travel, and a night lite.  Thank you

Name:  Dino Oliver
Date: 9/7/08
Message:  Great "little" product. Just the bare essentials. All you need in one small package...

Name:  Kirstin, Reno, Nevada
Date: 9/5/08
Message:  I have had my Pak-Lite for I think 4 years now. I got it for a Christmas gift and I keep it with me in my purse at all times, I don't know how I got along without it. Thank you for making a durable product that is dependable. I know when I'm alone in a dark parking lot at night I'm sure glad I have my handy Pak-Lite! These make a wonderful gift for anyone! 

Name:  Gene O Philly
Date: 8/29/08
Message:  Just purchased a second unit for my wife.  Great to carry on trips and great for camping. Also great for getting under computer to see connectors

Name:  Charles Reed
Date: 8/28/08
Message:  great idea

Name:  David Rodriguez
Date: 8/18/08
Message:  I been into portable lights for along time, This Pak-Lite is the very best yet. I've been waiting for it to go dim but it hasn't happened yet.

Name:  Iamtjc
Date: 7/18/08
Message:  Got One. It's Great!!!!!!!!

Name: Tom Chase
Date: 6/27/08
Message: These Things Are Cool!

Name: Gregory Miyata
Date: 6/5/08
Message: I bought the SUPER Glow last year and it has never failed me.  I am a teacher in a three story building and when we have our twice yearly evacuation drill, the light shines for everyone.  The SUPER Glow is indispensable---well worth its weight in platinum.

Name: Joe
Date: 5/27/08
Message: I started using your Pak Lite original last year. They work great. I place them in clear plastic pop bottles and use then as lighted buoys while night fishing. Thanks

Name: Ken Godwin
Date: 4/14/08
Message:I have the Pak-Lite SUPER White LED Flashlight. My new constant companion. I love this thing. What a wonderful idea. I have made a custom cover that slips over my light to protect it; though this light light is so durable, it's really not needed. This light is so well made and handy, everyone needs one in their pocket or purse. Thanks for a great product. A very satisfied customer. Ken Godwin Tennessee

Name: Roy
Date: 4/12/08
Message: I served in Iraq (U.S. Army) and used your Pak-Lite wrapped in 100mph tape, double zip tied to the side of my MICH helmet band.  It never failed me in combat.  When I needed light, it worked wonders.  When I didn't need light, it stayed out of the way and off thanks to your recessed mini toggle switch. I didn't have to carry all of these batteries with me.  One worked for my entire tour. Thank you for a great product.  

Name:  Ted Miller
Date: 02/07/08
Message:  I am a police officer and a firefighter. I am going to try this light I've been hearing about. I can't think of a better place to give it a try but out in the streets or on a fire scene.

Name:  Carlos D. Caridad
Date: 02/05/08
Message:  Great site! Outstanding products!

Name:  Arch Nissel
Date: 01/21/08
Message:  Worked well in opertions in Afghanistan.

Name:  Steve
Date: 01/17/08
Message:  Started with one for traveling with the family.  Bought a couple more for camping and when I traveled alone....buying MORE for nightlites for the kids and for emergency back-ups.  AWESOME lights

Name:  Damian McGlinchey (New Zealand)
Date: 01/17/08
Message:  Love my Pak-lIte.  Have a Super w Glow-Cap that has live on the bedside table for about 4 yrs. Wonderful & easy to find for getting up to small children @ night.  Excellent back-up lite for caving - no need for spare batteries, gives good light for general walking & crawling and dries out well after submerging in muddy rivers. Everyone was very impressed. Going to have to get my act together and get some more of these.
Thanks Again  :o]

Name:  Vallery Kanar
Date: 01/03/08
Message:  I'm signing the Guest Book again because I still LOVE my Pak-Lite and I have tons of experience with it. My Pak-Lite has lived in my pocket for over a year. I finally changed the scratched up, scruffy looking battery a couple weeks ago. Even at the end the lite was quite usable (kinda like a regular flash) but with a new battery  the "wow" brightness is back. Amazing light from something so little. I've used it for HOURS. I use it to read almost every night. I use it camping. Exploring dark sheds. Fishing for stuff under my car seat. In fact, my little Pak-Lite led 3 snow-shoers out of a forest one moonless night when our hike took too long! We were all so glad my Pak-Lite lives in my pocket. It saved the day! On the old battery!

Name:  Johnnie D. Johnson
Date: 12/31/07
Message:  I have the Pak-Lite with the white LED I rcvd in October 2007 and the battery is still going strong.Ordered the Turquoise model which I plan to use at night during my shift when I have to write down my log entry without having to use my main flashlight which will disturb my night vision. Thanks for a great product.

Name:  Dave
Date: 12-24-07
Message:  Great product,just ordered one more for a Christmas gift last week.Fast service,It arrived across country with no problem.I have four of your lights,great for night table use. Thanks again.

Name:  Steve Honaker
Date: 12/14/07
Message:  I started out with a standard Pak-Lite with low and high beam. Loved it, but lost it to the wife, Bought a super LED with high and low beam and glow cap and love it even more. Bought a basic glow cap light with just on-off switch and love it as well. This Christmas bought 4 more for presents. This is a great product and the company ships fast and reliably also. Keep it up Pak-Lite!

Name:  Chris Laird
Date: 11/22/07
Message:  This is a fantastic product.  I use this light for work and recreation and have never been disappointed.  My family and friends have been so impressed that they have bought the Pak Lite for everything from hunting, fishing, snowmobiling, and camping, to work.  I plan on purchasing many more of these for family, friends, and co workers.  Thanks for a great product, keep enjoying the outdoors.

Name:  Karen Krabill
Date: 11/19/07
Message:  I received a Pak-Lite as a gift and didn't even get to use it before my husband "borrowed" it.  Now I'm getting him one of his own for Christmas so I can have mine back!

Name: Owen, Oklahoma.
Date: 10/08/2007
Message: I met a fellow backpacker who trusted hers enough to take it as her source of light for a two month trek around the Colorado Rockies.

Name:  Mike Howard
Date: 09/25/07
Message:  Received my pak-lite and I love it and the little belt holder!  Perfect light for motorcycle camping! I am going to use a rubberband and a paperclip with it to make it so I can hang it from my tent ceiling! Talk about traveling light!  I love to read at night while in my tent and this is just perfect!

Name:  Netta
Date: 09/17/07
Message:  When I was little, I remember my brother having one of VERY first original Pak-lites.  This thing was/IS absolutely indestructible!!  Not only does it still work like new, but I believe the battery has been replaced only 3 times!  Of coarse, I also have a Pak-lite.  It's one with the glow in the dark top; awesome when you turn it off at night and later need it again because you can actually find it! I've have some other flashlights (although I have no idea why) that I have replaced bulbs, lenses, on/off buttons, and more batteries than I even wish to fathom, and they are barely even used!  And, as if I wasn't already sold on these little wonders, I compared mine to my father's 7 bulb LED flashlight (uses 3 AAA's) and my LITTLE Pak-light out shined it.  It was about twice as bright on high and equal on low!  Not to mention that he has had his cheepo for about three months and is already replacing the batteries.  Thank you Mr. Henry, your invention is truly the best flashlight I have ever SEEN!  Netta/GP, Oregon

Name:  Gary Tate
Date: 08/18/07
Message:  A friend brought one to dinner tonight and left it on the whole evening.  I just ordered two of the best ones with the extended batteries.  We are getting hit by Hurricane Dean on Wednesday.  Sure hope we get them on Tuesday.

Date: 07/02/07
Message: This Pak-Lite is outstanding!!  Love them and I'll be ordering more for family members. Thanks for a great product.

Name:  Hank Parker
Date: 06/03/07
Message:  I have two and am gifting each of the family with a light.

Name:  Robert Graves
Date: 05/06/07
Message:  Great innovation!! I was wondering if you had a 9-volt snap on flashlight which put out a beam of light.

Name:  Johnny
Date: 03/18/07
Message:  GREAT INVENTION !!!!

Date: 01/16/07
Message: You need a key chain attachment for your pak-lite

Name: Neil D. Truka 
Date: 01/03/07
Message: What a GREAT gift my brother gave me for Christmas!

Name: Geoff G. 
Date: 12/27/06
Message: Got one of the basic models for Christmas........awesome little light!!! Congrats on a greta product!!

Name: Vallery Kanar 
Date: 12/20/06
Message: I have an LED light fetish. I own over 100 LED lights. I'm VERY impressed with Pak-Lites. Tiny! Easy on/off and battery swap. Useful glow caps. Battery easy to buy. Basic's output is average-high bright. Well worth the money. Super's high is very bright like 3 or 4 regular LEDs while low casts a perfect nightlight glow over a room. Pilot's white bulb is very bright! Impressive! Red bulb not as bright but can use to light a path, read a map or hunt on floor of plane for dropped chart. None waterproof but fine in all but drenching rain. No bulb heat = can wrap in saran wrap. Bet would dry out after submersion. LEDs are exposed but I test dropped my Basic model many times from 3 to 6 feet high and it's fine. I highly recommend these lights.

Name: tom a 
Date: 11/18/06
Message: Wow, what a great light. best idea I have seen in years, make more ! I banked 6 9 volts in parallel, added 2 lamps and runs all week at the cabin , no hassel of oil lamps or hi priced cells. also ran 4 days on hi off a year old smoke detector battery. thanks...Tom, Las Vegas

Name: Stephen Yoder 
Date: 11/16/06
Message: What a cool idea. I thought they were a little spendy at first but then I remembered what I paid for two 12-V LED bulbs for reading lights on our boat a couple years ago. Nothing cheap about LEDs. Anyway, Santa's putting these in everyone's stocking this year (including mine).

Name: Jim Prendergast 
Date: 11/16/06
Message: I've been looking for something like this to stick on my Kayaks for fog or dark conditions. Very nice design! JimP Frenchman's Bay Kayak Works

Name: Bill Meck 
Date: 11/11/06
Message: A wonderful very useful and readily available light source.

Name: Mike Needham 
Date: 11/10/06
Message: Oooooh. Shiney new toy make medic happy :-)

Name: Chad Wimmer 
Date: 11/08/06
Message: Great simple idea, who would have known!

Name: scott 
Date: 10/30/06
Message: This flashlight would be great for caving.It's small, very light, and bright.This light would have to be in the top 10 gadgets of the year.

Date: 10/28/06

Name: Ana Edith Leal 
Date: 10/26/06
Message: Hey! I was the girl with Hanan & Phoebe today at the breakfast table. I remembered the website you said of your flashlight. So, just thought I'd pass by and say hi! May God bless you and your family! :)

Name: Mike Miller 
Date: 10/19/06
Message: Congratulations! To Ben and his family for their support, in creating the PERFECT FLASHLIGHT! Everybody on my Birthday and X-Mas list, will be getting a PAK-LITE... Way to go Ben.

Name: Bill Schoen 
Date: 09/08/06
Message: These lights are awesome! They pack the biggest punch for their size.

Name: charles stuckey 
Date: 08/03/06
Message: just received my pak-lite--- it is exactly as advertised ! a really novel and practical invention!

Name: Dan Cosgro 
Date: 07/31/06
Message: Bought 2 this week and buying 4 more tonight. Ben deserves every penny he makes from these.

Name: gene croyle 
Date: 07/18/06
Message: best light around, bar none. you cannot buy a better flashlight for 10x the amount, including Inova, etc.

Name: Jerry Frezon 
Date: 07/12/06
Message: I've bought 4 Pak-Lites... family and friends LOVE THEM!... ...I'm going to buy a dozen more!!!

Name: Joe 
Date: 06/26/06
Message: Great website 333aplus

Name: Ann Andress
Date: 06/20/06
Message: Greatest idea yet


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